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Desperate Households

Kathy Peel is called “America’s Family Manager” by journalists and millions of women. The author of 18 books which have sold over 2 million copies, she has appeared extensively on television and radio and in video productions.

In her upbeat and entertaining style, she delivers reality-based solutions for creating a smoothly running home and living a more satisfying life. She is an engaging, but relaxed Everywoman who makes it clear that you can have fun and take charge of your life and your home at the same time. Her accessible, no-nonsense strategies are a road map to a balanced life.

When Kathy Peel married thirty-five years ago, she admits that she was “domestically challenged.” She didn’t know how to cook, keep house, or raise kids-yet she wanted to be a good wife, a good mom, and create a warm and welcoming home. She set out to educate herself in these matters and, in the process, learned that the strategies that run a successful company or organization, work amazingly well in the home. “And, home,” Peel states, “is the most important organization in the world!”

Peel created the common-sense, revolutionary Family Manager System. It enabled her to create a peaceful home environment by transferring effective organizational strategies—managing by department, teambuilding, delegation, standard operating procedures—to the home environment.

In 1988, Kathy Peel began writing books and speaking at women’s events on how to be a great mom and create a smooth-running, low-stress home. Her passion is to inform, inspire, and empower busy women in their important work of running a home and raising children.

Her popular books, including The Family Manager Saves the Day, The Family Manager Takes Charge, Family for Life, Be Your Best, The Family Manager’s Everyday Survival Guide, and Discover Your Destiny, have sold more than two million copies to date. Kathy’s latest title, Desperate Households: How to Restore Order and Harmony to Your Life and Home (Tyndale House Publishers), releases July 2007 under the Picket Fence imprint. Kathy is editor at large for Picket Fence Press which is home to resources that help women simplify life, strengthen their families and achieve a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Kathy Peel’s popularity with media has soared as audiences respond powerfully to her energetic and practical interviews. Kathy is AOL’s Family Coach and has been featured on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” (four times), “The Today Show,” “Good Morning America,” “The Early Show,” CNN, MSNBC, HGTV, The Food Network, The DIY Network, The Discovery Channel, QVC, HSN and many other national and local media outlets.

Through extraordinary personal effort Kathy Peel has turned her penchant for home management and her passion for the family into a thriving business. The Family Manager System has given women a new way of looking at their jobs and a new title—no longer housewives or homemakers—as well as a tool kit for managing. And, the enthusiasm with which they embrace their position is fueling a missionary-like zeal to spread the Family Manager message as far and wide as possible. Kathy Peel’s vision is to make the Family Manager brand the standard of excellence for the home and family life, and to turn her one-woman crusade into a national juggernaut by creating a national network of thousands of Certified Family Manager Coaches trained at Family Manager University, a robust online training environment. For more information about Kathy Peel and Family Manager resources, visit