MMPR Top Ten PR Mistakes made by Book Publicists

1.    Leaving publicity contact info out of press materials, websites or galleys

2.    Calling any media contact just to ask, “Did you get the galley I sent?”

3.    Using the same media list for every title you promote

4.    Sending mass, generic email pitches to media

5.    Sending galleys to Publishers Weekly less than 90 days before pub date

6.    Promising your boss, an author or agent that you can deliver a Colbert interview

7.    Sharing your thoughts “off the record” with an interviewer

8.    Pitching an author for TV interviews—an author with zero experience or media training

9.    Failing to tell the sales team about national media coverage you’ve secured

10.  Failing to tell your boss, the author and agent about national media coverage secured

11.  Not hiring MMPR to manage that unwieldy national media campaign and book tour that ate your lunch last fall