MMPR Training & Workshops

We love to pass on what we’ve learned through the years.  Following is a list of training opportunities we’ve offered in the past -- or will offer in the future.

•    Private Publicity Training Sessions: we’ve helped train publicists at Thomas Nelson, GuidepostsBooks, and other publishing houses.  Especially useful for new publicists or publicists new to publishing.  We’re available for customized trainings sessions at your location—ask for details:

•   HCCP Marketing Summit 2014 (Harper Collins Christian Publishing Group): MMPR presented publicity session for marketing teams from HCCP imprints, live Nashville session was broadcast via webinar

•    ECPA* Publishing University 2007: MMPR managed the first-ever Publicity track for Pub U, which featured guest speakers and panelists with decades of experience to share. 

•    ECPA* Publishing University 2005: Jana and Pamela presented a publicity session—alongside veteran writer/reviewer Cindy Crosby--for those in the marketing track at Pub U.  Guess it went well—check out the next listing.

•    ECPA* Editor’s Conference 2002: MMPR was invited to teach editors a thing or two about publicity—alongside Publisher Weekly’s Jana Riess.  Hopefully they were more responsive to their publicist’s cries for early galleys after our little session.

•    Publicity Workshop 2001: MMPR and Guthrie Communications hosted a 3-day workshop in Dallas for in-house book publicists across the U.S.  Registration was full, feedback was positive—and it was a lot of fun as well.  Maybe we’ll do it again someday . . .

(Pamela McClure, Cathy Grossman of USA Today, Nancy Guthrie and Jana Muntsinger at 2001 PR Workshop)

*ECPA = Evangelical Christian Publishers Association